10 February 2007

Joint Holland-IFT School on Theoretical Physics

A school for Dutch and Brazilian graduate students in theoretical physics held in São Paulo ended yesterday. It is a traditional school in Netherlands but this year they decided to move it to Brazil, one week at the Swieca School and one more week at the Instituto de Física Teórica in São Paulo. It was opened with a talk by Gerard t'Hooft about the instability in his model of baryons made of three strings. Then two lectures went on. One by Jan Smit on finite temperature field theory and the second by Bernard de Wit on entropy of black holes in N=2 supergravity. I attended the last lecture. It was quite useful. Bernard discussed many topics in detail but without too many calculations. I think it was hard for the students but I liked it. There were also problem solving sessions and talks presented by the students but I skipped most of them.,

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