15 May 2006

What a day!

During the weekend São Paulo was attacked at night by gangs under the order of PCC, the First Command of the Capital, a criminal organization whose leaders are in prison. Apparently the police found out that they were planning a generalized revolt in all prisons for last Sunday, which in Brazil was Mother's day. They gathered all the heads of PCC and sent them to an isolated place so that they could not organize the revolt. This started everything. Gangs lead by PCC attacked police stations, set buses on fire, attacked banks and started prisons uprisings. More than 70 people died. And the prison uprisings started to spread to other states.

Today many buses did not run. People could not go to work. Too many cars in the streets. Chaos. The colloquium I organize was canceled because the speaker arrived too late. But aside that the day was taken by rumors. A bomb in the philosophy department, a doctor killed in the university hospital, Congonhas airport closed, and the lot. Only rumors. Rumors not only in the university but all over the city. As a consequence schools were closing at noon, shopping malls closing early, the university closing in the evening, and then all workers were dismissed earlier and went home. Again chaos to go back home.

But all seems calm now. Only two prison uprisings still going on and no attacks during the day. Let us see what happens during the night. Politicians talk a lot, propose solutions, but everybody knows that when the violence ends all words will be forgotten.

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