23 June 2006

Strings 2006 - Day 5

Today is the last day I will blog from Beijing even though there are 5 more talks programmed for tomorrow. We again had 11 talks today. The more interesting one was given by Kapustin. He detailed a little bit the first two points of his work with Witten on the Langlands program. Gauntlett gave a nice review on Einstein-Sasaki and presented his new solutions for AdS_3 in 10 and 11 dimensions. Horowitz talked about a black holes and how tachyons are related to the evaporation process. And that is it. I am really tired and this last post is written telegraphically. I also lost my voice almost completely because of the air-conditioning. Hope Varig still has its planes flying otherwise I may stay in Germany for a while.

I just heard a rumor that CERN will not host Strings 2008. It will be postponed by one year and Rome will take it in 2010. I don't know the reason and maybe it is still the same: if supersymmetry is found in 2008 then we all will be together to celebrate it and if it is not found we will be together for a collective suicidal.

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urs said...

A summary of a Kapustin talk on "Langlands from S-duality" from just a few days ago can be found here.