10 August 2006

Loop quantum gravity in New Scientist

The last issue of New Scientist has an editorial and a full article dedicated to loop quantum gravity. The editorial mentions string theory and says:

"The rivalry between the two theories may turn out to be false. It is driven in part by the different backgrounds and prejudices of their practitioners, with string theorists mainly coming from particle physics and the loop camp from general relativity."

Well, we know that is not the reason. Anyway the editorial says that now loop quantum gravity can describe matter. The article has the title "You are made of space-time", and you can imagine how matter is supposed to be represented in LQG. It has nice pictures of braided space-time, which looks like an octopus, claiming to represent elementary particles. The article is based on two papers: gr-qc/0604044, hep-th/0603022 and hep-ph/0503213.To have a balanced view you should also read some trackbacks to these papers: here, here, and here.

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