12 April 2006

International Meeting on QFT

There is a meeting on quantum field theory going on at Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is organized by the local people working in QFT and it is being held at the university which has a nice and green campus. It started on April 10 and ends tomorrow.

Today the first talk was by P. Gieres from Lyon on noncommutative quantum mechanics. He started discussing the possible deformations of the canonical commutation relations and analised the consequences. There was also a talk by M. Sampaio from the local university on a new proposal for regulating divergent integrals called implicit regularization. It has some advantages but it is not clear that it is really better to the other knows regularization schemes. The important point is that the implicit regularization technique has been developed by the local people.

The best talk was given by D. Stockinger from Durham on dimensional regularization and dimensional reduction. It seems that there is new progress regarding dimensional reduction. Dimensional regularization has problems with fermions and it is difficult to be used in the supersymetric case. Dimensional reduction is inconsistent because some identities involving Levi-Civita tensors are not true when momenta are extended to arbitrary dimensions but the gauge fields and fermions are kept in 4D. It seems they found a way out. They consider an inifinite dimensional space-time which has subspaces of D and 4 dimensions. They claim that the identities involving the Levi-Civita tensor can now make sense. It is not clear how it works. He then proceeded to apply dimensional reduction to the MSSM. It looked good.

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